about us

whim-si-cal  [whim-zi-kuhl]

    1.  given to whimsy or fanciful notions; capricious
     2.  full of or characterized by whims
     3.  oddly out of the ordinary; fanciful; erratic; unpredictable

That is the definition of Whimsical. 

But who IS Whimsicals? 

I am Terri Degenkolb and I am a midwestern girl who grew up in a rural town surrounded by corn fields, animals, and nature. As a young girl I remember making many of my own clothes, as well as rug hooking, knitting, drawing, and any other kind of craft I could try. Not long after my mom got hooked on quilting in 1987, I jumped in to join her whole heartedly. Together we started Whimsicals in 1996 when I decided to leave my job in the world of time clocks and lunch breaks as a CAD designer to stay at home with my kids.  

Since my mom’s retirement from Whimsicals in 2005 I have been the single person behind this business. With 27 fabric lines, over 70 patterns, and 23 books featuring quilts, bags, hats, and various sewing projects, I have learned to wear many hats.

My passion is in the process of creating and bringing my my ideas to life, whether it be with fabric as a new quilt unfolds, with paints and a canvas or a mouse and a computer as I design a new fabric line, or with words on a screen as I lay out and write a new book. And I love being able to share it with others!I

So who is Whimsicals? In reality, I am a daughter, a mom, a wife, a business owner, a graphic designer, a writer, and I am a quilter.  And it is all of these things woven together that makes me who I am today.

So, yea...... that would be me....